Experience the Unexpected!
Unique, genuine freshwater pearl, crystal and gemstone jewelry

Experience the Unexpected

The pearl is a gift from nature. It is the only gemstone formed from a living thing. It is truly serendipitous when such a beautiful treasure is created when nacre forms around an irritant in an oyster or mussel. Saltwater pearls are produced in an oyster in saltwater. Freshwater pearls form in mussels in freshwater.Today, the majority of freshwater cultured pearls are produced on large pearl farms across Asia. Irritants are placed in the mussel and when the time is right the pearls are harvested. Mussels can produce 20 or more pearls in one cultivating time period. In contrast, an oyster produces one saltwater pearl at a time. Hence, freshwater pearls are more abundant, cost less and are more accessible to more people than ever before.  Freshwater pearls are produced in many shapes and sizes and are a more conducive to daring designs.The status of the perfectly round saltwater pearl is giving way to a new interest and heightened regard for freshwater pearls. They come in colors that are produced naturally, such as white, ivory, and the palest of pastels of pink, beige and grey. But, freshwater pearls can take on color when metal salts are added to the production waters at the pearl farm. The color is produced in the pearl by the mollusk with help from the additives to the water.Today, freshwater pearls come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The designs for jewelry are unique and endless when pearls are combined with crystals and stones.Take a moment and become familiar with Serendipity Jewelry and stumble upon that beautiful necklace, bracelet or earring to compliment your style or for that special occasion.